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Project Description

An overlay for the game Guild Wars 2 to display useful information obtained from the public API.


  • Compact, easy to read graphic showing all objectives on the map.
  • Customizable by picking which maps you want you view.
  • RI indicator for recently taken objectives.
  • RI indicator shows multiple stages of RI at a glance or detailed timer on hover.
  • Audio notification on objective changing owner.
  • Auto map mode that changes map depending on which map you are on.

New in 14.12.12:

  • Option to use cardinal directions (e.g. North East) when speaking objective changes.
  • Option to speak world names instead of colors.
  • Option to speak the name of the map.
  • Option to change the system voice.

New in 15.01.28:

  • Display guild names and tags when a structure is claimed.

New in 15.10.17:

  • Show time held for all objectives.
  • Show RI timers and time held for objectives flipped before the application launched.

New in 17.03.03:

  • Add objective upgrade status and world names to tooltip.

Planned Features

  • Settings window (instead of menu)

New Developer

Hi everyone, I'm thetoothpick (thetoothpick.4028, Fair Winds in game), and I'll be helping maintain this project going forward.


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