Project Description

An overlay for the game Guild Wars 2 to display useful information obtained from the public API.

Note (read this if you see "Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor.")
The signing certificate has changed (because the original expired), you may need to re-install the application instead of updating automatically. Sorry about that, can't be helped.


  • Compact, easy to read graphic showing all objectives on the map.
  • Customizable by picking which maps you want you view.
  • RI indicator for recently taken objectives.
  • RI indicator shows multiple stages of RI at a glance or detailed timer on hover.
  • Audio notification on objective changing owner.
  • Auto map mode that changes map depending on which map you are on.

New in 14.12.12:

  • Option to use cardinal directions (e.g. North East) when speaking objective changes.
  • Option to speak world names instead of colors.
  • Option to speak the name of the map.
  • Option to change the system voice.

Planned Features

  • Settings window (instead of menu)
  • Guild names in popups.

New Developer

Hi everyone, I'm thetoothpick (thetoothpick.4028, Fair Winds in game), and I'll be helping maintain this project going forward.


Screenshot1 Screenshot2

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