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localization and administrative privileges

Aug 28, 2014 at 2:27 PM
First I want to thank you for writing and distributing such a wonderful application.
As a fellow developer it was also very interesting taking a look at your source-code.

However, when testing this overlay as a commander I noticed two things:
Localization: Would it be possible to have a language-setting to get the names in German/French etc.?
Administrative privileges: I use SweetFx which requires to run gw2 as administrator. Your Overlay does still show if it is started as it is, but the hover-text doesn't appear, when gw2 runs with administrator-rights. Resizing, using F8 and moving also doesn't work without selecting the application first in the taskbar. I think this would be fixed, if you run you application as administrator, too, but as you distributed it using ClickOnce, running as administrator isn't possible. Would it be possible to distribute the executable separately?

Personally I would also like a tray-icon more than an empty taskbar-tab, but that's discussable^^

Are you planning to participate in the current gw2-contest for the best overwolf-app? I guess this application could be translated into their app-format with a few days of work...