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Usage guide


Press F8 to toggle overlay mode. Right click for options.

The goal of this project is to give a simple representation of the WvW map in a corner of the screen that provides objective ownership information at a glance. This is done by fitting the WvW maps into a rough circle. Long pieces represent camps, as those are the most often flipped objectives. If an objective is on RI, the tip will become yellow to reflect that.


Hovering the mouse over the pieces will display a tooltip for additional information.

RI Indicator

The RI indicator has 3 states:
Features When there is between 5 and 1 minute 30 seconds left in RI, the indicator consists of 3 yellow lines.
FeaturesWhen there is between 1 minute 30 seconds and 30 seconds left in RI, the indicator consists of 2 yellow lines.
FeaturesWhen there is less than 30 seconds left in RI, the indicator consists of a single yellow line.
More detailed information could be obtained by hovering over the objective.

Switch between overlay and normal mode

To make the window completely unobtrusive, press F8. This will hide the background and any clicks will fall through the overlay. Pressing F8 again will enable it once more.

Window settings

You can customize the window size and transparency!
Resize: To resize the window, either right click while the window is active and choose from one of the preset sizes or simply drag the lower right corner of the window.
Transparency: To change the transparency, again right click on the window and choose from one of the values.
Movement: While the window is active, dragging will move the window around. There is an issue with the dragging right now that if you drag 2 windows too fast over each other, the one being dragged will snap back. Just drag it around the other window to work around this.

Audio notification

Also under the settings menu is the ability to get audio notifications if an objective changes ownership. Currently voice notifications are supported. So if the red team flipped Stargrove, you will hear "Red has taken Stargrove".

Change maps and servers

While the window is active, you can right click to bring up a context menu to change the map, matchup, or create a new window. Auto mode: Choosing "Current map (auto update)" will automatically switch to the correct map as you move around in WvW.

Installation and requirements

In order to use this overlay, Guild Wars 2 must be running in Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen mode.

The installer on the downloads page is a ClickOnce installer. It will install .Net framework 4.0 if you do not already have it installed. It will also prompt you to update to the latest release as I add more features/bug fixes.

Using this overlay is permitted by ANet as seen on the post here. To quote:
From our perspective, having an overlay is just a different way of presenting content. We are not currently banning players simply for using overlays, and have no plans to do so.

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